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KIE 067 • Quirky Incidents

Quirky, strange and humorously entertaining tracks to accompany a wide variety of bizarre and comical events.

KIE 066 • Reduced & Smart

Minimalist, reduced and finely structured titles for reports and media contributions about digital, technical and scientific innovations in a modern society.

KIE 065 • Big Pharma

Electronica titles to accompany topics surrounding the pharmaceutical industry, be it for reports on new medical developments or on the big business in this sector.

KIE 064 • Dark Bavaria

Diverse titles in a mix of traditional alpine sound and modern arrangements for dark and obscure stories in the rural outback.

KIE 063 • Urban Vibes

Dynamic modern electronica tracks for reports and stories in urban context.

KIE 062 • Landscapes For Bass

Reflective and atmospheric titles for electric bass with various moods from spherical to descriptive to driving and exiting.

KIE 061 • Creative Percussion

Percussion titles for versatile and creative use in media coverage.

KIE 059 • Pensive Piano

Thoughtful introspective piano titles for social and personal topics.

KIE 057 • Success

dynamic, positive and energetic tracks in a modern sound to underscore different facets of success in industry, business and society.

KIE 053 • Collapsing Climate

Gloomy, atmospheric and dramatic tracks for the reporting on issues and threats of global climatic change.

KIE 051 • Reduced & Factual 2

Minimalist, reduced and clearly structured titles for facts, analyses, descriptions and graphics.