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KIE 074 • Reflective Pulses

Reduced and pulsating emotionally sensitive atmospheres for social and profound, but also informative and scientific topics.

KIE 073 • Human Echoes

Authentically recorded instruments typical of the alpine world, mixed with modern sounds, create enchanting and soulful moods for themes in the context of man and nature, social encounters or emotional feelings.

KIE 072 • Exploring The Universe

Spherical and atmospheric tracks for a wide range of topics relating to the exploration of the universe.

KIE 071 • Light & Shadow In Sports

Different titles for a variety of themes and moods in the field of sports, both positive and negative.

KIE 070 • Neon Nights

Dynamic EDM and synthwave tracks in a rousing mix of synthpop sounds from the 90s and the tonality from the 2020s.

KIE 069 • Gardening

Carefree and relaxed folk tracks, but also calm and reflective atmospheres for gardening topics.

KIE 068 • Tension Underscores

Subliminal atmospheres for various kinds of tense situations.

KIE 066 • Reduced & Smart

Minimalist, reduced and finely structured titles for reports and media contributions about digital, technical and scientific innovations in a modern society.

KIE 057 • Success

dynamic, positive and energetic tracks in a modern sound to underscore different facets of success in industry, business and society.

KIE 051 • Reduced & Factual 2

Minimalist, reduced and clearly structured titles for facts, analyses, descriptions and graphics.