The two labels Klangidee and Edition Klangidee together form the repertoire of our catalog.

Klangidee has the label code LC15127 and is licensed by different publishers. Edition Klangidee has the label code LC91332 and is licensed by Klangidee (DACH) as well as APL PUBLISHING (worldwide).

More information about licensing can be found above under LICENSING.

KIE 068 • Tension Underscores

Subliminal atmospheres for various kinds of tense situations.

KIE 064 • Dark Bavaria

Diverse titles in a mix of traditional alpine sound and modern arrangements for dark and obscure stories in the rural outback.

KIE 067 • Quirky Incidents

Quirky, strange and humorously entertaining tracks to accompany a wide variety of bizarre and comical events.

KIE 009 • Streaming Beauties

Titles full of archaic, strange and faszinating mystery.

KIE 020 • Creative Noise Works

Most different atmospheres in a mixture of noise, rhythm and sound.

KIE 019 • City Life

Vibrant and dynamic titles for the urban world of today.

KIE 017 • Information Technology

Modern electronic titles for topics around communication and information technology.

KIE 018 • Hip-Hop Bavaria

Hip Hop meets Bavaria - beats, scratches, modern rhythms and Bavarian traditional instruments.

KIE 016 • Fragile Life

Intimate and reduced titles for documentaries and reporting in the fields of personal and social life.

KIE 015 • New Threats

Titles full of tense dynamic and oppressive moods for media coverage on worldwide crises.

KIE 014 • Snow

All kinds of musical facets of the fascinating element of snow.

KIE 013 • Machine Learning

Minimalistic and modern electronic titles for media coverage on artificial intelligence.

KIE 012 • Trust & Confidence

Positive and optimistic titles for the media coverage on trust and confidence.

KIE 011 • Zeit ham

Atmospheric and handmade titles from the Alps - shaped by the Bavarian tradition but still up-to-date.

KIE 010 • Destino

Mix of modern electro sounds with traditional instruments and melodies from the Middle East and Southern Mediterranean area.

KI 048 • Life in the Middle Ages

Titles, dances and moods immersing the listener in the life of the common people in the Middle Ages.

KI 046 • Zero Waste

Modern titles in a mix of electronic and organic sounds for an important issue of our times: Waste and the handling of our resources.

KIE 066 • Reduced & Smart

Minimalist, reduced and finely structured titles for reports and media contributions about digital, technical and scientific innovations in a modern society.

KIE 065 • Big Pharma

Electronica titles to accompany topics surrounding the pharmaceutical industry, be it for reports on new medical developments or on the big business in this sector.

KIE 063 • Urban Vibes

Dynamic modern electronica tracks for reports and stories in urban context.

KIE 062 • Landscapes For Bass

Reflective and atmospheric titles for electric bass with various moods from spherical to descriptive to driving and exiting.

KIE 061 • Creative Percussion

Percussion titles for versatile and creative use in media coverage.

KIE 060 • Cartels Of The World

Gritty investigative suspense tracks in hybrid orchestral instrumentation for topics as organized crime, shadow economy or crimes.

KIE 059 • Pensive Piano

Thoughtful introspective piano titles for social and personal topics.

KIE 058 • Portraits

Expressive and artistically intimate music tracks draw pictures of people in different situations, geographies and moods.

KIE 057 • Success

dynamic, positive and energetic tracks in a modern sound to underscore different facets of success in industry, business and society.

KIE 056 • Alpine Folks 2

Entertaining, cheerful and humorous titles in tradimix with focus on arrangements for brass instruments.

KIE 055 • Alpine Folks

Entertaining, cheerful and humorous titles in a mix of traditional alpine sound and modern arrangements.

KIE 054 • Going Global Africa

Atmospheric and colorful instrumental music with diverse African instruments for topics around Africa.

KIE 053 • Collapsing Climate

Gloomy, atmospheric and dramatic tracks for the reporting on issues and threats of global climatic change.

KIE 052 • Cyber Crime

Investigative and sinister electronic tension tracks for media coverage about cyber and data crime.

KIE 051 • Reduced & Factual 2

Minimalist, reduced and clearly structured titles for facts, analyses, descriptions and graphics.

KIE 050 • In Times of Crisis

Ominous guitar titles for media coverage about crises, wars and natural disasters.

KIE 049 • Dark Stories

Dark, depressing and suspenseful tracks for dramatic and dark stories.

KIE 048 • Light & Bright

Minimalist playful electronica titles for positive moods as well as for science and informational contributions.

KIE 047 • Science Data

Minimalist electronic tracks in a matter-of-factly analytical sound for media science in science, research, information and technology.

KIE 046 • Sports & Competition

Diverse underscore tracks for media coverage around sports.

KIE 045 • Mirror of Nature

Multi-faceted titles for reporting on nature and wildlife.

KIE 044 • Energy Crisis

Diverse underscore titles for journalistic reporting around the energy crisis issue.

KIE 043 • Lifestyle & Design

Cool and reduced Electronica tracks for lifestyle, fashion, design, architecture and technology.

KIE 042 • Going Global Asia

Atmospheric and intense instrumental tracks for themes related to the Far East and Asian world.

KIE 041 • Concepts for Tomorrow

Multi-faceted titles in different moods for media coverage in the field of sustainability.

KIE 040 • Percussive Pulses

Unusual and versatile percussive underscores for a creative design of media reports.

KIE 039 • Bohemian Party

Electro-Swing full of good mood and energy - perfect for the background of humor, irony and lifestyle reports.

KIE 038 • Ticking Countdown

Tension music beds with constant ticker sounds for quiz and game shows, sports and other high concentration areas.

KIE 037 • Financial Market

Electronic titles for reporting on the field of international finance and banking.

KIE 036 • Acoustic Cinema

Emotional guitar titles for nature, travelling and personal stories.

KIE 035 • Investig. Tensions

Subliminal and pulsating suspense tracks for investigative media reporting.

KIE 034 • Lullabies

Music for dreaming - tender and loving lullabies.

KIE 033 • Eco Power

Modern and pulsating titles for topics around the energy transition and green technologies.

KIE 032 • Lines & Structures

Minimalist tracks for strings, suited for all kinds of science topics as well as for social and political analyses or the arts.

KIE 031 • Medical Science

Minimalistic electronic titles for all kinds of different reportings on medical science.

KIE 030 • Out There

Relaxed and cool instrumental tracks in country-folk style for topics about nature, landscape, travelling and social encounters.

KIE 029 • Production Process

Repetitive and minimalist tracks suited for themes of technical manufacturing processes and mechanical workflows.

KIE 028 • Politics

Instrumental titles for the whole range of media coverage about politics.

KIE 027 • Middle Eastern Crisis

Serious, tense and dramatic atmospheres with authentic traditional instruments for reportings on Middle Eastern conflicts.

KIE 026 • Dark Business

Investigative, exciting, gloomy and reflective titles for topic like corruption, business crime or the dark side of politics.

KIE 025 • Reduced & Factual

Music for media contributions that focus on facts, analyses, descriptions and graphics.

KIE 024 • Hip-Hop Bavaria 2

Hip-Hop meets Bavaria Volume 2 - Urban beats meet alpine traditional sounds.

KIE 023 • Acoustic Uplifts

Uplifting and feel good titles featuring acoustic guitar.

KIE 022 • Retro Lounge

Dreamy and relaxing Easy Listening titles in retro style.

KIE 021 • Inform & Explain

Modern titles for information, knowledge, research and entertainment topics.

KIE 008 • Now & Then

Subtle intimate piano titles full of magic and nostalgic atmospheres.

KIE 007 • Ocean Drive

Good Vibes Pop tunes - all about the best times of your life, handmade and playful.

KIE 006 • Low Thunder

Mystic, threatening, scientific or atmospheric - the bass as the featured instrument of this album shows a wide variety of different moods.

KIE 005 • Human Stories

Minimalistic titles for piano, strings and percussion instruments describe stories of our private, social and economic lifes.

KIE 004 • Science Lab

Underscores with a wide range of different sounds and atmospheres for the complex world of scientific research.

KIE 003 • Global Issues

Reduced and neutral, ambivalent and questioning or modern and dynamic - titles with a broad spectrum for media coverage about global topics.

KIE 002 • Green Perspectives

Minimalistic titles, from subtle tension over neutral dynamic up to optimistic positive, for topics in the sectors of ecology and green energy.

KIE 001 • Reflections

Reduced pensive and poetic piano titles for TV and radio coverage with personal and social life topics.

KI 052 • Light Inspirations

Reduced guitar titles with a wide range of different emotions.

KI 051 • DayDreams

Fragile and emotional miniatures for documentaries and human stories.

KI 050 • Creative Solutions

Titles for media coverage in the areas of creativity, new ideas, research and sustainability.

KI 049 • Reduced & Neutral 5

Reduced and minimalist titles to accompany descriptions, analysis, information and graphics.

KI 047 • Documentary Underscores

Reduced titles with different moods for documentary stories.

KI 045 • Himmelfaden

Delicate and subtle titles for the autumn time featuring the dulcimer as main instrument.

KI 044 • Serious Guitar Moods 2

Serious titles featuring the guitar - from dark tension to ambivalent and pensive emotions.

KI 043 • Heavy Impact

Serious, ambivalent and dramatic titles for media coverage on worldwide crises and their impact.

KI 042 • Summertime

Happy, carefree and relaxed summer titles.

KI 041 • Reduced & Neutral 4

Minimalistic, unemotional and reduced underscores for descriptions, graphics and analyses.

KI 040 • Pulsing Tension - Light

Pulsing underscore titles for the whole range of tension topics in reality TV, documentaies or radio features.

KI 039 • Pulsing Tension - Dark

Pulsing underscore titles for the whole range of tension topics in reality TV, documentaies or radio features.

KI 038 • Above & Beyond

Different titles for spheric szenarios - from wide horizons or urban panoramas up to slow motion in sports.

KI 037 • Springtime

Spring is here! Positive and atmospheric titles for TV and radio coverage about springtime.

KI 036 • Atmospheric Guitar Moods

Atmospheric titles featuring the acoustic guitar, interwoven with string melodies and subtly used percussion elements.

KI 035 • Silent Rooms and Spaces

Unobtrusive but very atmospheric and intinsive miniatures, with a lot of space for images and text.

KI 034 • Changing Planet

Mystic, dark, fascinating, but also dynamic and driving forward titles for media coverage about global changes of environment, nature and society.

KI 033 • Serious Guitar Moods

Sensitively adjusted guitar titles with a wide variety of emotions Ð from dark tension to ambivalent and pensive tunes.

KI 032 • Hits, Rises & Whooshes

Musical tool with hits, rises and whooshes for structuring and shaping coverage, documetaries and reality TV.

KI 031 • Future Science

This is what our future could sound like! Music for underlaying research and science coverage, documentaries and reality TV.

KI 030 • Filled with Wonder

Music for underlaying your TV and radio documentaries about the wonders in our world.

KI 029 • Reduced & Neutral 3

Minimalistic and reduced titles for TV and radio in the fields of new energy, information, economics and science.

KI 028 • Reduced & Neutral 2

Minimalistic and reduced tracks for analyses, descriptions and graphics in TV and radio.

KI 027 • Schlichtweg

Often mystic and atmospheric but also happy and jaunty filmmusic for accordion, clarinet, cello and sometimes voice.

KI 026 • Politics in Question

Minimalistic and reduced music for political, economic and informational coverages in TV, film and radio.

KI 025 • Dark Affairs II

Exciting, dark, tense and reflective atmospheres for the dark side of private and economic life.

KI 024 • Reduced & Neutral

Minimalistic and reduced music in subtle electronic style.

KI 023 • Bird Stories

Background music für nature documentaries in film and TV.

KI 022 • Organic Darkness II

Subtle tension and atmospheric dark tension with organic instruments and modern ambient soundscapes.

KI 021 • Organic Darkness I

Subtle tension and atmospheric dark tension with organic instruments and modern ambient soundscapes.

KI 020 • Minimal Aspects of Time

Minimalistic titles highlight different aspects of time for documentaries and TV magazines.

KI 019 • Minimal Crime & Drama

Subliminal underscores for serious coverage, documentaries and tension in game and reality TV.

KI 018 • Dramatic Noise Works III

CD number 3 with experimental electronic music from László Dobos.

KI 017 • Melancholie II

Melancholie II is the second edition of music for TV and film for piano solo or piano with other instruments from Michael Proksch.

KI 016 • Cello Echoes

High-level background music for violoncello solo or cello ensemble

KI 015 • Alle Jahre wieder

Traditional Christmas Songs for small ensembles.

KI 014 • Mallet Moods

Filmmusic for vibraphone, marimba and electronics from Michi Koerner and Wolfgang Lackerschmid.

KI 013 • Dark Affairs

Exciting, tense and reflective atmospheres that capture the dark side of private and economic life.

KI 012 • Diabolic Lab

Musical spheres as a mixture of acoustic instruments with sounds and atmospheres of an urban area.

KI 011 • Wolfgang H. Netzer - Filmmusik

Filmmusic by Wolfgang H. Netzer.

KI 010 • Alpentöne II

Second edition of an Alpine crossover in combination of traditional folk music with other musical stiles.

KI 009 • Alpentöne I

Alpine crossover in the combination of traditional folk music and other musical stiles.

KI 008 • Short Stories

Filmmusic for piano and piano in combination with other instruments.

KI 007 • Tensions

Musical tensions in different forms.

KI 006 • Dramatic Noise Works II

CD number 2 with Experimental Electronic Music from László Dobos.

KI 005 • Acoustic Noir

Chamber music miniatures combining acoustic and electronic forms.

KI 004 • Zug

Varying kinds of Worldmusic full of unexpected elements.

KI 003 • Dramatic Noise Works

Experimental Electronic Music from László Dobos.

KI 002 • Melancholie

Poignant atmospheres for piano and other acustic instruments.

KI 001 • Below the Surface

Music for film and TV for violoncello solo or in combination with other acoustic or electronic instruments.